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Spotlight On: Three Poems by Tichaona Chinyelu

Spotlight On: Tichaona Chinyelu, Poet

Tichaona Chinyelu, Poet



Three Poems by Tichaona Chinyelu

How Elsie Became Tuyet

Elsie was a straight A student
a dutiful daughter and a fluent speaker
of three languages
two of which were colonial.
I spoke only English
was outwardly dutiful
but cared more about learning
than school
and had the grades
to prove it.
We became mismatched friends
Elsie and I
enough so, I felt empowered to ask
why the French French teacher called her
Americans say Tuyet is hard to pronounce
so to make it easy I chose Elsie.
I tested it out on my one language tongue:
Tuyet, two syllables
that tied her to the territory of her birth
victorious Vietnam.
I tested Elsie out the same way.
Two syllables, also
but disconnected from anything
truly having to do with her.


Then, Now
Then, moans not mine
manifested through walls
like copulating ghosts.
Now, when I hear sounds
through the walls
I remember my own moans
and how they climaxed
into this life
where I am a mother
listening to my child
read himself to sleep.

Face and Masks Cento 

Ever since dawn
the ground has been steaming
pleading for a drink
while the living seek shade
and fan themselves.
Hidalgo spent the night with his eyes
fixed on the ceiling of the cell
saying goodbye:
My father didn’t put me among the rich
or the generals or those who have money
or claim to have it.
My father put me with the poor
because I am poor.
At the edge of the village of Morón
a common grave
swallows the bones of a poet
who until yesterday
had a guitar
and a name.
His unshrouded body
ends up in the earth;
his couplets, also naked,
also plebeian,
abide in the winds.
On the street
someone plucks
from a guitar.


About the Poet:   TMC1 (1)

Tichaona Chinyelu is a writer, mother and author of three books of poetry: In the Whirlwind, Still Living on my Feet and Contraband Marriage.   Ms. Chinyelu’s work has been published in LineZero, Step Up to the Mic: A Poetry Explosion and various online journals including  Poems of Solidarity for Haiti – In Motion Magazine, Sierra Leone Web, etc.

Ms. Chinyelu has also published books by A. Shakur Towns, Melanie YeYo Carter and Abena Isake under the banner of her publishing company, Whirlwind Publishing.  She also maintains a blog at stilllivingonmyfeet.com.

Spotlight On: Marc G. Doutherd, Artist

Spotlight On: Marc G. Doutherd, Artist


Artist Marc G. Doutherd and I met on the About.me, a networking site for creatives.  After we exchanged greetings , I sent Marc a request to collaborate, which is built into the About.me system, and here we are.

Isn’t the Internet great?

I hope you enjoy this sampling of Marc G. Doutherd’s extensive collection of art work.   Born in California and currently residing in Arizona,  Marc works in a number of mediums and styles.

He creates his art through what he calls “Shamanic Interpretation”.  Check out his recently launched website to see more new work and a discussion of his creative process .


angel of light , Marc G Doutherd

Miles, Marc G. Doutherd


Shamanic Lion, Marc G. Doutherd

George Clinton, Marc G. Doutherd





Artist Statement

People are always looking for what they have never seen before. Most people can only see through their physical eyes but lack the ability to see through their inner eye. The vision that is not dependent upon physical sight stays in ones memory and opens the doors to see things with something else!

—Marc G. Doutherd

From The Artist

Marc Doutherd Marc G. Doutherd Artist Bio:  Born in California, USA on Feb.  9th, 1961.  The word that  describes Marc G. Doutherd is  ‘resilient’ !  Marc,  throughout  his life, has always been able to  render images, sculpt any  substance,write music, and play  most musical instruments.

According to Marc,”Love is the overriding force behind my creative works, and it is that force and power that drives me to create”.  

The philosophy behind Marc and his art is “Freedom”.  The freedom to expand artistically…freedom to experiment with new forms of art and new methods.  He can render images in styles ranging from figurative photo realism or surrealism to abstract.

Marc G. Doutherd demonstrates  unlimited ability in terms of his creative energy and artistic innovation. His artistic disciplines include lithography,illustration,painting,graphic design,leather work, jewelry making, tanning, sculpture, glass blowing, musical instrument making, and music writing and composition.

What you see when you view Marc’s art is a vision of the spiritual essence of his various subject matters as seen through his eyes.

By way of Shamanic interpretation, with unbelievably bright hues that glow with a unique vibrancy, Marc captures what others try to see and understand.