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Beautiful Release, a song by Jorges Mendez


Beautiful Release, a song by Jorges Mendez

I’m happy to share the work of Virginia Beach poet and spoken word artist, Jorge Mendez. Despite his currently crushing schedule, Jorge, who truly deserves the title of Hardest Working Poet in Hampton Roads, managed to answer my tenacious requests and submitted a song which he currently performs as a spoken word poem.

Jorge is the type of poet who holds communities of writers together by welcoming all, actively living the life of a working poet, and by coordinating events and performances on a regular basis over a long period of time with seemingly indefatigable positive energy.

Please read, listen, comment and share. Your participation is appreciated.

I had a super-whammadine case of insomnia during most of the week of my Virtual Dream Residency.

No sleep = no dreams. No dreams = unease. Not my favorite flavor of being.

My consolation has come from writing more often than in recent weeks, and in communicating and working with the poets, writers, and artists whose dream-related work I’ve been able to share here.

Today’s featured piece is a positively addictive song about insomnia, titled “Beautiful Release”, by Virginia Beach poet and spoken word artist Jorge Mendez.

Currently Jorge does a spoken word poem version of “Beautiful Release” in performance; he kindly agreed to share the song with us. The link below will download the song.

About the Poet:  Jorge Mendez is also host of “Monday Night Open Mics at The Venue”, which he has helmed for the last three years of the nine year old open mic, and Events Director for The Venue on 35th in Norfolk, VA. Jorge started writing poetry as a child, later putting the skill he gained as a page writer into Hip-Hop format releasing three independent albums. He has since graduated to Spoken Word and has been performing his poetry for 4 years. His next project is a book of his works titled “Keys & Crowbars”.

You can experience more from Jorge at his YouTube channel:



hd Butterfly: A dream inspired poem


hd Butterfly

I dream an open window,
where colors spill in,
swimming in rainbows.

Wading in a colorstream,
a sea of vivid prisms,
absorbing in my pores.

Floating in R.E.M. state,
cocooned in ultra hd walls,
suspended in imagination.

My awakening eyes,
explosions; visual intensity,
5th primary color sight.

Your blues aren’t mine,
grey skies don’t exist,
our palettes differ.

My wings of fire rainbows,
Sonic boom open windows,
Emerging my butterfly.

–Donald Atkinson, Norfolk, VA


Donald Atkinson is a poet, writer, spoken word artist, husband, father, soldier, clerk.   He lives in Norfolk, VA with his family .

Connect with Donald:


**This is also my third post for my dream residency at Ione’s 21st Annual Dream Festival