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Ancestor Messages in Our Dreams with Antranette Doe

Ancestor Messages in Our Dreams

Among the maternal branches of my family tree is a cluster of women, myself among them, who emerged from their mothers’ wombs with two notable gifts: a caul, a thin membrane that is part of the amniotic sac, stretched across their faces like a veil, and the gift of second sight. This second gift most often expressed itself in prophetic dreams and the ability to “visit” with family members who had passed on.


Sometimes these visits occurred within dreams, through lucid dreaming, waking dream states, or as my mother would often put it, “Your great-grandmother sat on my bed last night.” For me it was a gift that took some getting used to; it scared me as a child, but I came to see it for the treasure it was by the time I was a young woman. Ancestors4

Let me be clear: you do not need to have been born with a caul to have prophetic dreams or receive visits or messages from your ancestors. I believe these are gifts that can be sought out and nurtured. When I began to receive messages and visits from ancestors I did not recognize I subsequently began purposeful research of the practice of reaching out to and communicating with one’s ancestors.


  Happily my research led me to Antranette Doe’s personal and Ancestry group pages where I’ve benefitted from her video posts, research, and personal experiences. Antranette is a Psychic-Medium, Spiritual Counselor, and Social Worker, BASW based in Philadelphia, PA. She also hosts a Ancestral Pathways Facebook group. Before I share one of her videos on Ancestor Messages in Dreams, I’d like to let her tell you about herself: ‘Hello! A bit about me, my spiritual abilities are Divinely given passed down to me by my Ancestors and our Creator. I am a natural born Medium. I offer several spiritual readings, from Ancestor, Womb Healing, Angel, Love life, Past life, After-life, Spiritual Growth, and even Group readings, healing Circles and Workshops! I am a Healer through Channeling messages and calling in Energy, Divine Healing Light from Creation and Word Power. I pride myself on being a Wife, Mama and Social Worker. My work experience in the human service field for over past decade has equipped me with the know how to deliver social services to individuals, families and groups. I am very much dedicated and committed to empowering dear Souls to live a fully expressed and healed life this time around! I am so honored to connect in Spirit with You!”  


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