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hd Butterfly: A dream inspired poem


hd Butterfly

I dream an open window,
where colors spill in,
swimming in rainbows.

Wading in a colorstream,
a sea of vivid prisms,
absorbing in my pores.

Floating in R.E.M. state,
cocooned in ultra hd walls,
suspended in imagination.

My awakening eyes,
explosions; visual intensity,
5th primary color sight.

Your blues aren’t mine,
grey skies don’t exist,
our palettes differ.

My wings of fire rainbows,
Sonic boom open windows,
Emerging my butterfly.

–Donald Atkinson, Norfolk, VA


Donald Atkinson is a poet, writer, spoken word artist, husband, father, soldier, clerk.   He lives in Norfolk, VA with his family .

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**This is also my third post for my dream residency at Ione’s 21st Annual Dream Festival