Saturday Short Take: Chaka Khan Covers Jimi Hendrix’s LITTLE WING

Chaka Khan Covers Jimi Hendrix’s LITTLE WING


Chaka Khan, recently nominated for the 2016 Rock Hall of Fame,  has collaborated with the greats of Rock and Soul from Stevie Wonder (Tell Me Somethin Good) to Prince (I Feel for You), to Steve Winwood (remember her soaring on his Higher Love?) to Quincy Jones (Back on The Block).

Her recently unearthed version of Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing includes guitarist Eric Gales and funk producer/musician Ira Schickman.

Chaka Khan has been one of my personal Sheroes since I was 12 years old, horrifying my Mama by belting out ‘Tell Me Something Good”, “You Got The Love” ,  and “Sweet Thing” behind my locked bedroom door.


In addition to possessing talent and beauty , she seemed powerful–larger than life,  and blessed with what I often felt cursed with: too much of the muchness, that inexplicable thing I was accused of that made grown men bother me, boys scared of me, and my mother struggle to keep me under wraps.

Of course, at that age I didn’t know about her on-going struggles with addiction and self-doubt.

I didn’t think I was special because I thought everyone could do it.–Chaka Khan to The Daily Mail UK, 16 August 2014

Later, as a young woman, when a friend who worked with one of her producers shared that part of Chaka’s story with me, I understood, empathized, and prayed for her peace.

Later as still as she emerged from years of drug-abuse and ill health to re-blossom personally and revitalize her long career, I admired her resilience and radiance.

If Chaka doesn’t make it into the Rock Hall of Fame something is seriously wrong in the balance of the Universe.

Vote for Chaka Khan here: VOTE FOR CHAKA!




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