In Medusa’s Arms , a poem by Nicole Goodwin


Black Medusa, Fatoumata Diawara


In Medusa’s Arms (Inside the belly of fire and stone) Gas Leak chronicles Pt. IV


My love

I am fully aware

of your presence

the feel of your body

the heat from your/breath

revealing the fire

growing/inside your chest

and mine

we are one

in the same

under the distance

we are close

closer and closer


under the blue-black


a blanket/made only for lovers

such as you and I

and with every inhale

and exhale

that rises

and falls

my love/

I can feel you

I can still

feel you


now and forever.

–Nicole Goodwin


Nicole Goodwin is a mother, artist, and a wounded healer ever pursuing enlightenment.

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6 thoughts on “In Medusa’s Arms , a poem by Nicole Goodwin”

  1. Reading Nicole Goodwin’s poem made me feel connected or loved like the poem was for me from my inner self. Inspirational.

    1. Donald, thank you for reading and responding. Your comments are always so thoughtful and on point. Much appreciated. ~Maura

  2. Enjoying all the recent poetry and stories. Looking forward to more. I love this poem and the Black Medusa portrait. Does the poet have a website or book?

    1. I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the blog! Thanks for taking time to let me know. I will contact Nicole Goodwin and reply here when I find out if she has a site/book. I know she’s been published in lit journals; she’s also a well-known performance poet based in NYC.

    2. Pia–Nicole told me she currently does not have either but is working on both. Thank you for your interest, please stop by again! ~Maura

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