Dream Wisdom

I’ve kicked off my Dream Residency for Ione’s 21st Annual Dream Festival with a passage from “Coming Home to Myself: Reflections on Nurturing a Woman’s Body & Soul” by Marion Woodman and Jill Mellick (Conari Press, 1998) that reflects on the wisdom we can receive from our dreams.  I recommend this book to anyone interested in self-nurturing and reflection, especially women.


Accompanying the passage is a piece of artwork I created from an image I received in a dream.  I believe we can all receive wisdom and insight from our dreams if we pay attention.

by Maura Alia Badji (watercolor and ink on watercolor paper)
by Maura Alia Badji (watercolor and ink on watercolor paper)

Please stop by the Dream Festival Facebook page to participate, share, or comment.  Click the link above or right here. 

My residency runs until October 18th; I will be sharing dream-related poetry, art, music, inspiration, and dreams.  I look forward to hearing from you there.

As always, comments on the blog are welcome.

–Maura Alia Badji


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